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5 Proven Ways to Beat Procrastination
Experts indicate that we are wired to procrastinate. This means we tend to ignore tasks that make us uncomfortable for one reason or another. However, procrastination is one of the setbacks that prevent people from attaining their goals. There are several things you can do to beat procrastination.

Acknowledge you are Procrastinating
The first step is to acknowledge you are procrastinating. If you find that you are prioritizing nonessential tasks or you find that you have a lot on your hands prior to an upcoming deadline you could be procrastinating.

Break Down the Task
We tend to avoid tasks out of fear. Our minds are less likely to process abstract thoughts than concrete thoughts. For this reason, you need to break down your goals into manageable chunks. Have a list of things you need to accomplish, annually, monthly, weekly and even daily. Also, make a point of timing yourself before each task to stay focused and avoid getting distracted.

Just Start
According to the Zeigarnik effect, you are more likely to finish a task you’ve just started. These uncompleted tasks tend to stick in your memory more than tasks you haven’t started at all. Start with the easier tasks and proceed to the more complex ones.

Adopt Mindfulness
Find out why you are procrastinating these tasks. Sometimes people procrastinate because they find the task boring or difficult. Paying attention to the reason you are avoiding certain tasks can help you change the negative thought patterns that keep you from getting to work.

Scientists have shown visualizing yourself performing a task can increase the chances that you’ll complete it on time. Visualizing makes the task feel more concrete and less abstract therefore allowing your mind to process details and procedures related to the task. As you visualize your goals commit by telling a friend or loved one to compel yourself to take action to beat procrastination.