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BOOK LEANNE 330.400.9814

Who doesn’t want to better themselves? Having someone to step up your game and believe in your potential is the best way to end all those tragic and difficult circumstances you or your company is facing. Having someone who can coach you on what to do and where to go is the best option someone can have.

Leann Cannon

Leann is a keynote speaker, a motivational expert, and an author who has enthused individuals and societies to think of themselves differently and has kindled them into achievement. She has changed individuals and organizations with her zest through Dream Achievers Unlimited, a private and business development training and coaching motivational speaking practice.

Her focus is to aim, motivate, and inspire people to think contrarily to their own beliefs and let them attain their full potentials.

The Books

Leann has authored books such as TIME MASTERY: Key to Increased Productivity and Profitability, an entertaining book, which focuses on business and how you can get the most out of your time and take in time tested principles that can have a tremendous impact to you or your organization. She also has authored a workbook for a successful you entitled Steps to Success Workbook. One of her written books is The Empowered Woman – Purpose, Passion and Possibilities, a self-help book that focuses on a woman’s knowledge on how to increase their confidence, private and professional abilities, and life determination.

The Colleges

Leann has worked with different people. She has encountered great successful business mentors the likes of Brian Tracy, Les Brown among others. But she also works with students from different colleges. Teaching them and motivating them to increase their productivity and helping them to achieve their goals. She has motivated students from Kent and Ohio State University and Akron University among others.