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It can happen, and it’s happening more and more today because of the threat of an impeding global recession. It’s a really good time to rally your business and give it the eprit ‘d corps it needs to get all your troops moving in a strong and unified direction. Throughout the world, there are various companies who provide such services, but there is no one that does it better than Leanne Cannon!


As China begins a definitive downward economic spiral and Arabian oil interests drop their prices in an effort to crush our domestic oil economy, we can expect an overall slump in all business sectors. Now is the time to be proactive with your business and bring in the ultimate third party coach . . . that is none other than the girl that has appeared nationwide espousing all kinds of great ways to rally your business and make it thrive. None other than Leanne Cannon! Yes, Leanne has a way of energizing the crowd from the very moment she walks out on to the stage! Her style is unique! Seconds after she enters a crowd, they are mesmerized by common sense facts they can all relate to.


In any given business environment, new arrivals frequently learn about the company’s methods and practices by a kind of osmosis. Rather than receiving a real teaching session as to the politics, methods and practices of the company, they are often just thrown into a mix where they will either sink or swim. Is that really the right way to do things? Leanne Cannon has performed motivational speaking for thousands of companies. When she arrives, she doesn’t just speak. She listens.


Part of her mission includes quickly determining the areas of the company that need bolstering and that can include better communication. In larger companies in particular, sectors of rivalry can develop between groups and become a detriment to the whole. Leanne Cannon can lend you her vast experience base breaking down the barriers that self-erupt in corporate scenarios and give your company the ammo it needs to break through the slump and thrive!