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BOOK LEANNE 330.400.9814

The only thing permanent in the world is “Change.” However, this is what every man and woman resist. The Newton’s First law of Thermodynamics works perfectly in this situation. The best way to change the world is to change ourselves. People waste a lot of time trying to change others while forgetting that the simplest way is to change the self. Leanne Cannon advocates these simple principles in her books, “The Mastery” and “The Empowered Woman.” Through “Dream Achievers Unlimited,” a personality development practice, she inspires people to excel in business using effective communication methods.

She is a motivational speaker placing great emphasis on harnessing the inherent potential in each individual. In doing so, she motivates each person to realize his or her dream. She believes that every person in the world is capable of attaining great heights in life. Harnessing the right talent is essential. She believes that every person is a minefield of talent. Picking up the right chord is very important.

She has a beautiful way of putting things across to people. Her words have inspired thousands of people to explore their hidden potential and achieve great heights in various aspects of life. She believes in the power of effective communication. She advocates the virtues of having positive thoughts. According to her, positive thoughts are akin to seeds in a garden. It depends on how you nurture and take care of them. Neglecting them can bring about your downfall as well. However, harnessing them properly can take you to great heights. Her methods teach you to concentrate on the positive thoughts alone. Removing the negative feelings from the roots can enable you to harvest success in life.

According to her, success lies in the way you approach a problem. Her words can inspire people to overcome their inhibitions and succeed in life.