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The critical checkpoints when hiring a motivational speaker

Despite the growing access to information to online sources, it is difficult to evade the need for motivational speakers in workers training and student’s workshops. Conventional working and learning environments are often engulfed by tight working deadlines that often understate the balance between meeting the organizational goals and personal growth. For your workshop talks, Leanne Cannon is a reliable and experienced motivational speaker that tailors the sessions to suit both individual and institution’s needs.

Things you need to check before hiring a motivational speaker


If you need a motivational speaker, engaging in the first encounter is not likely to serve the needs of your team. You need to conduct a background search on the prospective candidates to know how well they fared in similar training. In some instances, some speakers perform best in particular fields more than others. Having been in the industry for several years, Cannon has built a solid reputation in the industry. She is not only known for her business training but also for igniting people to action.

Personal attributes

Unlike other fields that heavily rely on the specialist training, motivation talks require more than just a trained speaker. While the training is essential to delivering and tailoring the delivery to suit the audience, it’s the personal attributes that add particular effect. It’s important to have great content, but the mode of transportation plays a vital role in ensuring the lasting impact to the audience. You can go through audio and video recordings from the candidates to identify the one that suits your occasion.

The cost of service

While the other factors play a significant role in selecting the speaker, the available budget is likely to limit your choice. Usually, different speakers impose varying costs. However, one should be cautious as the lowest cost provider doesn’t imply the best deal. Leanne Cannon assures high-quality delivery that matches the costs charged.