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Dream Achievers Unlimited-What Drives You?
What drives you? Some days you wake up with the strength of a mule, all charged and ready to go out make a difference. Other days you struggle. On the days that you are at your best, do you think you are doing enough?

Managing Your Time Efficiently
You may have heard someone say that we all get the same amount of time per day, but some people get more out of their days than others. There is no doubt that time is the most valuable commodity in our lives, seeing as it is non-renewable. Proper planning helps to get lots of things done within a set timeline.

Motivated people set goals, and that takes us back to planning. Dr. Edwin Locke’s theory on goal setting, which is over 50 years old, still applies in day’s society. A goal should be attainable, measurable, time bound, and specific. It is even better if the goal is a difficult one. Challenges act as a motivator for most people. Setting a reasonable goal and getting a reward once it is complete is a form of motivation on its own.

The Drive
Back to what drives you; we have intrinsic and extrinsic drivers of motivation. Intrinsic motivation is an ‘inside job.’ The desire to do well and please the self is what leads to this form of motivation. You want to do well because you have set personal goals and will not settle until they are fulfilled.

On the other hand, extrinsic motivation is driven by the outside forces. It could be the people around you or rewards you reap from reaching a particular goal, be it a pay raise or a promotion at work.

Well, we all could use some motivation from time to time. We need someone to remind us what drives us to keep us productive. Leanne Cannon, a renowned motivational speaker, and the author, knows how to get you back on the winning team.