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Leann Cannon has been helping a lot of people make their way to the top. She has inspired thousands of people to perform well in every aspect of their lives with her inspirational talks. She also has authored books like Time Mastery: Key to Increased Productivity and Profitability and Possibilities, and a new book, The Empowered Woman- Purpose, Passion and Possibilities.


The Dream Achiever Unlimited’s way

Dream Achievers Unlimited was formed by Leann Cannon to empower individuals and organizations to make the best of themselves. She aims to provide her audience with powerful strategies and help them believe in their full potentials.

Leann has been exemplary in assisting thousands of entrepreneurs build a strong foundation for them to grow their businesses and accomplish their dreams. She has always believed that despite the odds and uncertainties, anything is attainable. So in this way, she helps people create strategies for them to achieve their dreams.

Dream Achievers Unlimited was established in 2002 and aims to embolden others through motivational speaking and business coaching. She has been personalizing her programs to fit you and your team’s needs.


The Leann Cannon way

Leann Cannon has always captivated her audience with the passionate and energetic motivational talks. She is always engaging and will enlighten you on the areas of your life and organization that needs improvement. Leann Cannon will inspire you to believe and understand your dreams and push you forward to it.

Leann has worked for several different organizations and has proven her passion with her dynamic ideas. She has painted a clear and thought provoking picture for them to thrust them towards success.

Not only has she motivated organizations, she has also inspired colleges such as Kent State University, Malone University and Ohio State University.

Leann Cannon and Dream Achievers Unlimited’s motivational talks works wonders! They will move you forward towards greatness!