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The Form of Motivation That Will Lead To Success

You may think that if you work hard and get a better pay, you will live the life you want. That’s true, you are getting paid for more hours and your resume is looking impressive. You will land more jobs in the future and keep going, but what inspires you to work? Are they the incentives you get, for example, earning more money for more hours worked? If that is the case, then you may want to know something about a motivation that leads to success.

Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Motivation
In extrinsic motivation, you are doing things to get a reward. If you have a higher paying job with better benefits packages, and you work 50 hours a week, you will be earning a good amount. And, that’s beautiful, your financial life is heading in the right direction. But what about intrinsic motivation? This is a deep internal motivation that is derived by meaningfulness and not just a reward. You can be a doctor who aspires to improve the health of people. You are doing the job because you want people to live a healthier life. That’s a motivation, which is much richer.

You Are Paid More if Money is Not the Motivator
When you help people to see the meaning and impact resulting from their work instead of focusing on the financial gain, you find that they are likely to improve on their productivity, which can translate to higher pay. People may be trapped by the internal incentives like working to earn more money, and this could easily detract them from focusing on meaningful efforts to assist and serve others.

Intrinsic Motivation is Individualized 
It requires conscious effort to develop intrinsic motivation. People need to find activities, which appeal to their intrinsic motivations. These activities should be outside work. For example, if you engage in activities unrelated to work, it can allow you to perform better on your job.

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