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BOOK LEANNE 330.400.9814

Dream Achievers Unlimited has a secret weapon, but it’s not really a very well kept secret. That secret is the world renowned business consultant and motivational speaker Leanne Cannon. Both small organizations and Fortune 500 companies alike testify to just what a tremendous wealth of information Leanne brings to the table when she addresses their people. Some companies don’t need a radical reorganization, maybe it’s just a small but significant change in thinking. Other companies really need a full makeover. Leanne evaluates each situation individually and provides just the right suggestions.

There are many factors that can affect a company’s success and the bottom line. It can be a matter of esprit d’ corp., it can be good information flow among colleagues, it could be a supply chain constriction or a shipping log jam. Leanne Cannon is arguably one of the world’s greatest speakers but she’s also a great listener. She knows that nobody is as well aware of the intricacies of your company as you are and that’s something she likes to learn about in detail.

When you receive a business consultation from Leanne Cannon, you can expect the reverberations of her recommendations to echo through your company for years to come. Should you engage her to provide your staff with a motivational lecture, you can further expect them to embrace her words of wisdom for years as well. “Hiring Dream Achievers Unlimited and getting Leanne Cannon to speak was the single most important thing I’ve ever done for the company!”

Whether it’s personal coaching, a workshop on efficiency, explaining the importance of networking or any of dozens of important business management matters, you can count on Leanne Cannon and Dream Achievers Unlimited to meet and surpass your expectations. Call her office today to have your company and employees on the road to a successful collaboration.