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Leanne Cannon is a motivational speaker who has spoken at several honorable universities. As a motivational speaker sometimes people are confused as to why to hire one. With the unlimited access to online self-help and motivational articles, it may seem like you can get that information anywhere. However, LeAnne Cannon offers a unique lecture and workshops.


Below are several reasons why your business or school should hire a motivational speaker today!

  1. Give Inspiration: One of the most obvious reasons to hire a motivational speaker is to give others (employees or students) inspiration! A well delivered motivating speech can induce positivity and productivity in others as they watch someone passionate speak inspiring words and sharing their life experiences.
  2. New Knowledge: Motivational speakers provide more than memorable quotes. They also provide knowledge, personal and relatable anecdotes, and a new perspective on the situations life throws our way. As people typically do not enjoy change, sometimes hearing someone’s encouragement can result in them trying new things, making life changes, or gaining confidence.
  3. Improve Attitude: Students and employees can get run down by the stress of the job or school. Sometimes we get caught up in our lives that we do not realize the changes we may have made in ourselves. Sometimes a motivational speaker’s words may trigger something in ourselves that encourages us to improve our overall attitude.
  4. Encourages teamwork: Motivational speakers focus on all aspects of life. They can encourage teamwork and keeping an open mind to others. Not only respecting others, but remembering that with people goals can be accomplished and knowledge can be gained.
  5. Workshops: Motivational speakers such as LeAnne Cannon offer workshops. Workshops can focus on specific topics, but overall will always help a team of people gain confidence, grow and learn together. They will come out working more strongly and effectively together.