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How Forgiveness Can Transform Your Life
Even though forgiveness one of the values espoused by many religious and social movements, many people do not really consider it to be of great value. Especially, in practical day to day experiences.

However, science now shows that forgiveness is beneficial for our mental and physical health. The Stanford Forgiveness Project a Stanford University study on the subject, shows these benefits can be realized both in the short and long term.

Why We Find It Hard To Forgive
Forgiveness is often seen as a weakness. This is often because settling scores is often equated with toughness and masculinity. Forgiveness is often seen as letting people walk all over you.

However, forgiveness does not mean you are not assertive- just not aggressive. It doesn’t mean you have to reconcile, it simply means letting go of the anger, bitterness, and frustration.

Transform Your Life with Forgiveness
There are several ways your life can change for the better if you choose to embrace forgiveness.

  • Eliminating Negative Thoughts: Spending a lot of time plotting your enemies demise clouds your mind with negative thoughts. These thoughts can prevent you from working effectively especially under pressure. Forgiveness allows you to let go and focus on transforming your life for the better.
  • Emotional Health: Forgiveness will improve your level of emotional awareness and overall mental health. Research from the Stanford Forgiveness project shows those who embraced forgiveness developed a healthy capacity for self-control. They were less angry and frustrated.
  • Social Ties: Forgiveness enables you to break from the cage of negative thoughts and embrace a more positive outlook on life. Negativity can lead to isolation or alienation of people close to you. A positive outlook endears you to peers, friends, and
  • Physical Health: Research also suggests that forgiveness can enhance physical health. When you become less susceptible to negative thoughts, your body becomes more resilient.