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How Humility Can Be Great for Your Career
Adopting an attitude of humility at work can boost your career prospects. This may not seem like it since we tend to confuse humility with being passive or unassertive. Nonetheless, lack of humility will lead you to develop traits that will not add value to your career.

Listening and Learning
If you are driven by your ego, your focus will be more towards you than towards your team. You may not pay particular attention to your colleagues’ needs and concerns. Selfless leaders understand that when their team wins they also win. They, therefore, pay close attention to what their subordinates are doing.

Being egoistic can ruin your team’s ability to cooperate. You will not be in a good position to get your team to be committed to the goals if you make them feel that you are superior and better than them. Your team may also want to see you going into the trenches and getting your hands dirty. Leaving your team to their own devices could reduce their motivation levels.

Making a Clear Judgment
If you cultivate an attitude of humility, you are less likely to bring your ego into the equation. Your ego may prevent you from making an objective judgment when faced with an urgent or critical situation. You may fail to acknowledge your mistakes and this will only ruin the goodwill that exists between the members involved.

Additionally, you could lose trust if you are constantly dismissing concerns every time your ego risks getting hurt. You may alienate yourself from the people who could be instrumental in helping you achieve your goals. Being humble does not mean you let others walk all over you. It simply means that you are aware of your pride and will not let it affect your conduct or decisions especially if there is a risk of conflict.