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On Letting Go and Moving Forward

Life is tough, unfair, complex, uncontrollable, and unpredictable. You can never live your life the way you planned it. Reaching your life goals is never easy, and you should be prepared to detach yourself from something that is holding you back to step forward.

Sometimes, you get stuck in one phase in your life because of an event that really hit you. And for so many months or years, you don’t move from where you are. You can’t. You don’t know how to start over and detach yourself from the one that is presently gripping you not to move.

Your fate is in your hands

Think of that one situation or person that is not helping you to move forward, and ask yourself, why are you still holding on? Does detaching yourself from it help you to reach your life goals? Or do you want to take that situation or person with you in your future? Think of your steps and the possible outcome if you do this or that. Weigh consequences and always choose the best decision. Don’t get stuck, decide, and act on your decision immediately.

Be inspired and inspire

Motivate yourself with people who braved themselves, reached their goals, and are now happily living their dream life. Sometimes, letting go and moving on is the hardest thing you can ever do and you need a little reinforcement to find the exit route. Talk to professionals on how you can cope and follow their lead. And when you find yourself crossing the exit, help other people move on by teaching them how you won life challenges. Become their model. Speak to them and lift them up. You know how to help them because you yourself have battled through the toughest obstacles in your life.

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