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Motivation is like a relationship. We need to work on it every day to keep our counterparts happy and ourselves of course. Well, unlike relationships which take place between two friends, family and many other circles; we have only one obstacle to overcome the oddities of life which heavily relies and depends on our thought process and it’s linking to the rest of the outside world. We have only our thoughts which can make or break the shackles and hence heed some purpose towards our daily activities.

 Motivation does not run out in any way yet we are the only ones who give up so easily on motivation. In comes procrastination. The evil doer who constantly struggles to make a choice dominates our decision making abilities. To snap out of it, we have to find a way to make our lives meaningful. 

Here are some of the points to keep in mind when we want motivation as a necessary evil rather than hindrance.

 From the beginning of life; we are taught the basic elements of survival, education, jobs and living in society. What we aren’t taught is the entities of good thought provoking life. We have to understand that we are fortunate enough to exist under the love and care of our family and friends. For starters, if we did not have a family, friends or someone to love; we would live a pointless life. We need to consider ourselves lucky. Why? 

Well, we have a roof over our head, three square meals, someone to talk to, hobbies to cultivate and times to cherish. If we speak of the unfortunates, our lives seem very comfortable don’t they? Just take a moment and compare your life and theirs. There are so many people out there who don’t have homes to live in, no food or water; and no one to ask if we are doing okay?

They lead a content life and keep on living by positive examples to the masses. This is what we need to take a cue from. Inspire ourselves and other by making a change in our lives. No one is going to lead our lives but us. We ride life not the other way around.

 Start to: Get occupied just so that there are no negative thoughts, go out for a jog and meet new people who might interest your likable thinking, cultivate a habit of helping others in need and never expect something in return as it does not hurt us to lend a helping hand for the downtrodden, write about things that matter instead of things that shatter. Whenever you think of giving up, think of all the things you read above and make it a point to follow some. You will be surprised.