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Success in life comes through hard work, discipline, self-belief and motivation. Each and every person has their own dreams, desires and aspirations which are achievable depending on the self-drive that the individual has towards them. A majority of people fail because they lack the strength to carry on when the times get rough. To improve yourself, you need to have the right attitude towards life as a whole and surround yourself with people who support you when times get rough and applaud you on your achievements occasionally.

There are no difficulties in life, they are just mere challenges. Each challenge has its own purpose and when conquered it assists in personal growth. Through challenges, you learn important life lessons and when you face them with a positive attitude you surpass them in an easier manner and this helps in self-growth and improvement. The company you keep determines whether you will fail or succeed in life. If you surround yourself with under achievers you will also become like them no matter how much potential you have for success. Just like the way an eagle which spends its time with chicken will never learn to soar to great heights so will you also fail when all of the people around you are not successful.

Successful people are a source of motivation and when you make them your friends, they spread their winning traits into your livelihood whether consciously or subconsciously. When you adapt the way of life that successful people lead, you too will definitely succeed because you will strive to be successful like them.

Self-actualization and motivation are important mostly when faced by challenges. Your attitude towards every aspect of life determines whether you will be joyful or miserable. When you are motivated, you always try to become a better person but when motivation lacks you end up bitter miserable and become a failure. Choose the right attitude towards life and keep good company always to achieve success constantly.