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Sacramento Kings Hire Services of Life Coach to Help Players
The Sacramento Kings this past week surprised the NBA world when it announced the hiring of a life coach to help their players perform better.

The Kings are considered to be one of the most dysfunctional teams in the professional basketball. The team just couldn’t get itself back on track after losing to Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant in the 2002 Western Conference Championship, a game that spawned many conspiracy theories about the games being fixed.

Galen Duncan was named vice president of the Kings Academy and professional development, according to the report published on Sept. 21. While NBA teams hire sports psychologists all the time in order to help athletes cope with the fame and stress that are associated with the game, Duncan identifies himself more as a life coach.

He said being an NBA player is not easy. Most athletes grew up poor and suddenly they are thrust into the limelight, and along that is the money they thought comes from a never-ending spring. There are also players who struggle about their new job after being considered as the main man all their lives, they become role players it the NBA.

Being a life coach, Duncan said that he will try to be there to counsel players, help them take better care of their finances and other off-court issues.

“My job is to make them feel a little more comfortable and help them become young men and work to be better people,” he said.

Leanne Cannon, book author, and life coach, stressed that despite the stigma and shame that surround life coaching and counseling, more and more people now appreciate the importance of seeking outside help when they are in a rut. The hiring of a life coach by the Sacramento Kings to help their players is one proof of this.

Ms. Cannon herself is one of the leading motivational speakers in the field of business and the academe. Her individual and group coaching sessions on entrepreneurship are always full-packed. “People who are stuck in a situation think it’s impossible to get ‘unstuck,’ but it is possible and I’ve seen it time and time again.”