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BOOK LEANNE 330.400.9814

Leanne Cannon’s helpful insight and motivation can make all the difference in your company’s morale, effectiveness, and productivity.  The topics of her keynote presentations or business training seminars are geared towards goal setting and achieving, using time effectively for more productive workers and a more profitable business, and other ideas to make your company and employees the best they can be, the most productive they can be, and the most satisfied, contented they can be.


If you have any specific ideas, requests, or needs, contact Leanne, and she can customize a program to fit your needs.  She can create custom programs for leaders, managers, and their teams.  Her style is to motivate you into action, consistent, deliberate action, that quashes procrastination and inspires you to move your team forward.  She wants you to believe, and not just believe, but KNOW that anything is possible for you. 


She encourages everyone to follow their dreams, despite any discouragement from others, despite doubts and fears, and no matter what obstacles are in the way.  Leanne knows what it is to scrape by with little, juggling family and work, raising kids while growing a business, and she can teach you what she learned during that time in her life, along with all the lessons she’s learned through years of working with businesses large and small. 


If this sounds like something you need, Leanne can send you a FREE report, “55 Ways to Market Your Business and Draw Clients to You Like a Magnet.”  She also has complimentary ‘daily’ and ‘weekly’ motivational videos that she will send to you with motivational inspirations, market secrets, and business tips.  You indicate which you want, and you will receive either the ‘daily’ or ‘weekly’ videos.  If there is a specific topic you want more information on, she will address it in the videos for you as well.  Just go to the “Contact” link and fill out the form to receive these helpful and motivational tools.  Fill out the form and get started today!