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A lot of people feel stuck in a job they don’t love. They feel something is missing in their lives. This happens even to those with a job that pays well enough to cover all their living expenses and luxuries. The money does not provide the sense of contentment they need in their lives.
A lot has been said about finding your passion and purpose in life. Most people are still not sure how to find their passion and purpose. Here are a few simple tips on how to go about finding contentment in your life.

Gaining Clarity
Most people want to find their purpose, but are not sure what path to take to find their passions. All they know is that what they are currently doing is not what they’d ideally want to do in the next couples of years.
One way to gain clarity is to get active. When you begin working the things you love doing, you start to have a clearer picture of the direction you need to be taking. If you love writing, you can start by working on penning a few articles during your free time.

Focus on what Inspires You
This may require you to go into your past. You may even go as far as your childhood. What is it that made you happy? Did you have a hobby or an activity you could immerse yourself in for hours that you have since forgotten or ignored? You can definitely get valuable insights by examining your past.

Another obstacle that prevents people from finding your passion and purpose is believing you can do only one thing. A musician can also be a tutor, and a writer can be a teacher, speaker and a mentor. Combining these possibilities not only allows you to explore the full extent of your passion, but also gives you the opportunity to create something of greater value and you also stand to get the most from your passions.