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BOOK LEANNE 330.400.9814

Have you ever run into someone who simply commands attention? And it isn’t because they are trying to attract it, they are simply confident people who catch your eye. It isn’t very common to run into this kind of person, however, when you do, and especially if you establish some sort of relationship with them, it is a great opportunity to learn.

Leanne Cannon is the creator of Dream Achievers Unlimited, a company that offers motivations speeches, coaching, workshops and networking situations. She started working in the sector because she noticed how good speakers and mentors created a change in her, helping her transform into a better person and helping her build up her confidence and self-esteem. She wanted to be able to make such a difference for others and she started speaking with any group that would have her. She eventually made her way into business coaching and loved the idea of using her power of speech to help businesses move forward.

She provides fresh eyes to look at situations and this is precisely what she offers as part of her business coaching. A new perspective on any company’s situation in order to offer solutions that might otherwise go unnoticed.

As a coach, she is always looking for a way to help out, whether the company needs a morale boost, is lacking in confidence or needs a little push to get on the way.

Leanne is fully committed to finding the way to help you, so it doesn’t matter what the issues seems to be, she can work side by side with you in order to solve any situation and offer the best guidance for the future. Her website has all her contact information and you will also be able to find information that might be of use.