BOOK LEANNE 330.400.9814

BOOK LEANNE 330.400.9814


Leanne, we are excited to have you as a power presenter, you have a way of painting such a clear picture and very thought provoking. Can’t wait!

Jacqueline King

President of BWE

Leanne is a dynamic speaker. Her high energy and ideas are communicated in a way, that audiences of any demographic can relate. I’m always excited to see her take the stage.

Pete Punwani

DTM – Sales Executive

Leanne, you are such a dynamic and charismatic speaker! I always enjoy listening to you!

Matt Houston

You always inspire and motivate me!  It really gets to me!

Rachael Erikson

Interior Designer

I am so blessed to have the absolute best coach/mentor ever!! … Thanks again for all you do. I hope you know that it would not be possible for me to be doing this without you, and I will forever be sincerely grateful. I only hope that one day I can coach someone even half as effectively as you mentor me! Hugs to my kind and most generous (not to mention stylish!) coach!

Lauren Hauck

Counselor, Teacher, Life Coach

I have known Leanne for a few years now. She is one of the most caring and passionate people I have ever met. Everything that she does she puts 100% plus into. I recommend her without reservation.

Sal Incorvaia, MBA

Senior Sales Executive, Commercial Works, Inc.

I have known Leann for over 5 years. Very professional, helpful, great attitude always a smile on her face. I highly recommend Leann as a business partner, she delivers what she promises.

Diana Meredith

Commercial Insurance, H.B. Cantrell & Co

Working with Leanne has been a true blessing for both my business and personal growth.  She has encouraged me to take actions steps that has helped make large strides with my goals and ambitions.  I am truly thankful for her caring and inspiring presence in my life.

Dr. Tunis Hunt Jr


I’d like to recommend Leanne Cannon to anyone looking for someone to “come along side you” and not sell “to you.” Intelligent, insightful, inspiring, and extremely nice to work with, Leanne will always be present for you and have your best interests in mind as she shares her expertise and passion with you. We have worked together in a community service organization and a networking organization where I’ve seen how she works and listened to her speak.

Robin Noud

Sr Account Executive, PrimePay

Leanne, you have given me a sense of self-awareness and self-confidence at a level I’ve never experience before in my life.  I just want you to know that.”  Thank you!

Martha T.


I’m excited and proud of the work accomplished with you as my coach! (:

It’s worth the money, let me tell you! I accomplished in ONE MONTH working with Leanne, what I couldn’t accomplish in four months on my own!
Barbara Trulby

Virtual Assistant

I am still pinching myself every time I think: “I have an inspiring, smart, and generous coach/mentor.  I feel so blessed and grateful that Leanne Cannon is my ‘accountability partner!!” 🙂   I could not ask for a better person to advise me and encourage me on my way to achieve my “unlimited” dreams!

L. Hauck

Teacher, Life Coach

I have known Leanne for a couple of years and she has always been helpful and very professional.and well schooled on the benefits of her program.

Sunny Bell

Sales Representative, Toyota of Concord

I have know Leanne for several years and have always admired her dedication, commitment and dedication to the cause set before her. She is trustworthy, accountable and fun to be with. I would recommend Leanne and her products and services to anyone who asks.

Michael McGraw

Independent Representative,

Leanne is a caring person who shares with others. You can count on her. Have participated with her at a number of events.

Carolyn Hall

International Wellness Consultant, Nikken

I’ve known Leanne for quite some time. She is very knowledgeable about her career and products. She has a high integrity and a well respected approach on all aspects of her business and social skills. She is also a true and loyal person. I highly recommend connecting with her. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Debbie Mangeney

Business Owner

Leanne is a fantastic coach. Her ability to keep the motivation and focus is just what every business owner needs. Leanne’s attention to detail keeps one on task and her knowledge is easily shared. I highly recommend her service to any business!

Lianne Hofer

The Clutter Consultant

Leanne is dedicated and connected to helping people with their personal goals. Leanne facilitates events to educate and promote community partnership. Leanne is someone with integrity. Personally, I thank Leanne for her dedication and community awareness.

Joyce Saint-Cyr, BA MHA

Business Strategist

Leanne is a great leader, coach and motivator. She helps you to understand that your dreams truly are possible and put a plan into action to bring out your best. I highly recommend her.

Herb Ball

Entrepreneur, Business Owner

Leanne has a wonderful ability to bring people together for a common cause. She is a caring leader as well as a knowledgeable healer. She goes out of her way to connect people and to help others. Her presentations are interesting and well researched. I enjoy working with her.

Lorna Minewiser

EFT Practitioner, Professor

Leanne’s passion and expertise in business development are second to none. She is a top-notch business mind professional focused on helping others achieve their goals and objectives through organized and systematic processes that are both reasonable in there expectations and measurable. I highly recommend Leanne, her coaching programs as well as her networking groups to anyone that is looking to get an edge.

Shaun Caldwell

Entrepreneur, Business owner, Strategic Advisor to leaders


Janet Carothers

Interior Designer