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It is not the situation you are in that is the problem but the thoughts you have about that situation. The thought and emotions you create in yourself can actually have power over the reality. These can affect your physical and mental health. All that people are is out of their thoughts. This is because the mind is everything to you and your well being. What you think about yourself is what you become. 

When we have new experiences, the body establishes synaptic connections in the brain. Whenever there is a vision, a sensation, or an emotion that the body and mind haven’t explored before, it brings about new connections between an individual’s brain cells. For that new experience to bring a change in an individual, a stronger focused reinforcement is needed. For example, if you have a new experience and it keeps repeating itself in short spans of time, you have the connection in brain cells becoming stronger.

On the flip side, if the experience doesn’t occur again, the connection may be lost, altogether. It is important that people recognize their thoughts and emotions and understand how they affect their body, behavior, or relationships. An individual’s brain isn’t static or hardwired, it has the ability to change. Research in neuroscience points out that when the brain experiences new situations like happiness, fear, cold, or fatigue, this helps to shape it.

The brain doesn’t differentiate an internal experience in a person from a real physical sensation. For this reason, an individual’s gray matter may easily be tricked to revert to poor health if the mind is occupied with negative thoughts for an extended period. To understand how thoughts and emotions may be impacting on your life and reality or even health, meet Leanne, an author and motivational speaker at Dream Achievers Unlimited.