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Tomorrow Is Not Promised, But Today’s Here
You know that holiday you have been postponing for years because the time is not right for you to be away? Take it. The timing will never be perfect. That home makeover you have been holding back because it will dent your bank account? You can always earn the money back. You are alive today, so you might as well live.

We hardly take the time to reflect on the past, but we are always making plans for the future. Do you have 5 minutes? Break for a while and look back at what you have achieved. While you are at it…

Evaluate Your Goals
You made the year’s goals, and you need to stay accountable to yourself. You can take a short holiday to look back and see what you have achieved, and then note whether you are on track. You might find that the initial plan is limiting and you will need to carve a new niche. You can only know that if you tune out the noise.

Break A Few Rules
Successful people don’t always play by the rules; they know when to break them in order to achieve bigger results. Nothing’s wrong with being a systematic person, but if the system limits you, you should know when to break away.

Play A Little
All work and no play may build a glass house, but who wants to live in one? Spare time to spoil yourself. Dreams can wait, and besides, you will be more effective after a spa weekend or a ski break in the mountains. If you are making all this money, then you may as well spend it, no?

Take Credit
You went to this event last year, and it brought out the success monster in you. You have become super productive, and your career has blossomed. Now, learn to take credit when it’s given. After all, you have earned it!